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Stephanie C. Harper, PHR, CCP, CHRM is a certified human resources professional by trade with over 20 years experience in the industry.
She is also an author, career expert, radio host, Publisher of CAREER Magazine and Producer of CAREER Magazine TV.

Why Should I Hire You? is one of the most commonly asked questions in the interview process and also a trick question. The ability to answer this question while properly identifying the needs of a hiring organization is necessary so that you don't begin the search with blinders on. Now that you have the employers undivided attention; don’t waste valueable time quoting redundant buzzwords such as hardworking, dependable, result-oriented, fast learner and team player when you can tell the hiring manager exactly why they should hire you!!!! Written by a certified human resources professional, with more than 20 years experience in the industry, Why Should I Hire You? gives you all the tools you need to have employers competing for you!! But this workbook is not just for job seekers, it’s also for employers and entrepreneurs who want to meet and exceed their organizational goals by making the best hiring decisions!

Think back to your last interview: Where you asked the question...WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU? If you answered I'm hardworking, dependable, team player, result-oriented or a fast learner, you failed to answer the question. You did not stand out of the crowd and ultimately, and you were not hired! You have not said anything different than the last 100 candidates seen by the same Human Resource Professional or Hiring Manager whose office you just left.

There are millions of "how to" career related books and if you have read one, you have read them all. In "Why Should I Hire You?" you will take a unique career journey from the perspective of the human resource professional. The purpose of "Why Should I Hire You?" is not to tell you "how to" get a job — but to explain WHY building your employability toolbox will determine the success or failure of your next career move.

In "Why Should I Hire You?" you will discover how to conquer your career quest and understand the following:

- Why there is a C-A-R-E-E-R for you

- Why you must complete to compete

- Why there is a recruiting process

- Why the company must compete for you

- Why you must present yourself as an asset not a liability

- Why everyone needs to know you are a job seeker

- Why you must be promotable in the interview process

- Why without career planning — you have no career

- Why every job seeker needs to build an employability toolbox

- Why you are in's YOUR CAREER..and YOUR CHOICE!

20 Alternative ways to find employment and 20 Interview questions with answers!

- Job Seekers who want to stop competing for employers and want employers to compete for them.

- Employees who want to learn what it takes to become promo table and excel in the workplace.

- Employers who want to expert information on how to hire the best people to meet corporate goals.

- Entrepreneurs without formal human resource training who want to adopt the mindset of a human resource professional.



Originally published in 2004, Why Should I Hire You? is a multi-faceted book which has been used by both employees (job seekers) and employers. It’s a must read for professionals and the information can be used in any industry and during any stage during one’s career. For some it’s a reminder of how hiring decisions are made and for some it’s the key ingredient required to become an employers’ ideal candidate.

A best-selling book, Why Should I Hire You? quickly became a workshop that is STILL being taught all over the Country. Some organizations who have brought this workshop to their location include: National Association of Resume Writers, Women for Hire (Good Morning America), United Way,
Department of Defense, Association of Job Search Trainers, Georgia Department of Labor, University of Georgia, Herzing College, Cooperative Extension Job Club, Careers and Coffee™, Federal Aviation Administration and many many more!

After making tons of notes in the workshop manual, the author decided to expand and revise the original text to include a workbook giving readers a tool to create a personalized success guide. Join those who have used the workbook as a success guide to expand both their careers and businesses.
The Why Should I Hire You? workbook, places a call to action to its readers challenging them to put their career aspirations in a written form - - making them easy to visualize and even easier to obtain!


Over 200pgs full of info, charts, graphs and resources.

Part 1 Establish

Why Should I Hire You?

Understand Your Position

Completing the Employability Toolbox

Why Do I Need All This?

Part 2 Strengthen

I'm Visible and Stand Out In "The Stack"

Interview Strategies

I Know What You Are Thinking

The Best "ME" on the Planet

Part 3 Perfect

I'm Not Competing For This Company

Yes, I Know What I'm Worth!

I Am Progressing

My Skills Are Transferable

Part 4 Settle

Career Planning

Recycled Resources

Excellent References Upon Request

Learn From Your Mistakes

Part 5 Employable and promotable

I Understand The Recruiting Process

Is My Resume With The Right Source

Yes, I Am Promotable?

I Am The Missing Piece To The Puzzle

Part 6 Paid what I'm worth

My Accomplishments Speak Volume

I'm Connected

Weigh The Options

Career Continuation

Unproductive Cycles

Features and Benefits

Additional Features and Benefits

20 Interview Questions and Answers

20 Alternative Ways To Find Employment

Part 7 Appendix

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Career Tips CD includes these segments:

- How to say no on the job

- 5 signs of career satisfaction

- Career Overdose

- 5 ways to recharge your career

- When to say good-bye to an employer

- Protecting yourself in the workplace

- How writing a bad check will cost you a job

- Following directions is a skill

- Legal background checks without your consent

- Trick questions in the interview process (click to listen)



Stephanie C. Harper, PHR, CCP, CHRM is a certified human resources professional by trade with 20 years experience in the industry. Author of 9 career related books, she is a subject matter expert, speaker, radio host, Publisher of CAREER Magazine and Producer of CAREER Magazine TV™. Her career expertise has been sought by The Wall Street Journal, Greater Diversity News, Atlanta Journal Constitution, LIVE Magazine, Wow Magazine and The Success Academy just to name a few. To learn more about Ms. Harper, click here for a full media kit (pdf).  

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Why Should I Hire You? is coming at a time when job seekers are frustrated. If you are tired of distributing resume after resume , going on interview after interview, and yet not receiving offers, then this book has been written with you in mind. No matter how much you think you know about the career search, this book will provide you with another perspective!
Linda Matias
President, Career Strides

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Many are academically sound, but lack the professional decorum necessary to maximize their full potential. I am proud to say, Stephanie C. Harper has beautifully written Why Should I Hire You? which provides career strategies that are necessary for transformation into quintessential professionals.
Harold J. Bell
Director of Career Planning and Development, Spellman College

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Why Should I Hire You? is definitely one of those books that should be in every potential hire’s library. Stephanie’s insightfulness in the hiring process is just what this 21st Century Workforce needs. Her candid, yet cutting edge expertise in Human Resources will benefit any huntsmen. Stephanie’s tips and techniques will help you overcome some of the most common barriers found in the hiring process.
Kimberly R. Nelson
President and CEO, Association of Clergy Executives and Administrative Assistants (ACEAA)

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Stephanie C. Harper has created an awesome book that can be used by employees as well as employers. Why Should I Hire You? gives the readers a fresh and innovative look into both the job seeking and hiring process from an insider point of view. This book is power-packed with a plethora of information and will be around for years to come. This is a must read for professionals in every arena.
Shunda Leigh
Editor in Chief, Booking Matters Magazine

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Why Should I Hire You? is a must read for those who want to understand the employer’s perspective during the career search process. This is no longer something that should be seen as one-sides. Stephanie has successfully managed to help change the traditional job seekers mindset and clearly define the distinction between having a job and a career!
William Riddick, Jr., PHR
Past President – National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR – Atlanta Chapter)


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